You may need help with breastfeeding because let's be honest while you may be breastfeeding in Paradise (or nearby) breastfeeding itself does not always feel like a paradise. It is incredibly rewarding and so worth it though so let me help you through this rough patch. You may need some professional help from a lactation consultant with: sore nipples, plugged ducts, possible tongue or lip tie, breast infections/mastitis, problems with baby's latch, premature or late preterm baby, baby refusing to latch at all, low milk supply, too much milk, multiples, returning to work or school, problems with baby's weight gain, thrush, weaning from a nipple shield or supplements.. If you are experiencing any of these struggles I can help, please call, text or email and set up an appointment today.

I provide consults in the privacy and comfort of your own home to make things as easy for you as possible because it's hard enough with a new baby and breastfeeding challenges, let alone trying to pack everything up and head out to yet another appointment. I travel to your home in Chico, Oroville, Paradise or any other towns in Butte County, as long as they are within a 30-45 minute drive of Paradise. Most problems can be resolved in 1-3 appointments.

First Consult

The first consult is usually a little more extensive then any follow-ups that may be needed in order to really figure out what is going on and help resolve the problem(s). I will weigh your baby before and after a nursing session to determine how much he/she is taking at the breast. The first appointment is typically 1.5-2 hours in length and is $120, even if it takes longer than estimated time. Every appointment also includes a couple of weeks of follow up support via phone or text.

Follow up consults

Follow up appointments are shorter, typically around one hour. I will again weigh the baby before and after nursing. The cost for a follow up appointment is $80. You again recieve a couple of weeks of follow up phone or texting support included.

Package Deal

If you decide up front that you want 3 visits (the initial appointment and 2 follow up appointments) the cost is $240, this is a savings of $40. Most breastfeeding difficulties can be resolved in this amount of time. This is also a great idea for a baby shower present!

Prenatal Consult

If you are still pregnant, but are concerned about how breastfeeding will go either because of past struggles or medical concerns about breastfeeding I offer prenatal consults. These consults typically run around 1 to 1.5 hours and the cost is $100. Also if you have a prenatal consult then any additional consults you have after the baby is born would be billed as follow up appointments, give you a significant savings!

Lactation Services


in Paradise

Is it worth the money to hire an IBCLC?

Here's a great article that addresses just that:

"...sometimes breastfeeding isn't a paradise."

Breastfeeding in Paradise

Mikalia Dyer, IBCLC




Insurance Information

While I cannot bill your insurance company directly at this time, I can give you a receipt that you can send in to your insurance company to try to receive reimbursement. Many times clients are successful in receiving full or partial reimbursement, but this depends entirely on your insurance. I would recommend calling them to determine whether my services will be reimbursed.